Client: GACA
Contractor: Saudi Arabian Baytur

UPS, Batteries & Racks
Generator with all related accessories MDB, EMDB, SMDB, USMDB, PP, LP & UPP
LV Cables
Disconnect Switches, Sockets, Electrical Outlet & Floor Boxes
Lighting Fixtures
Street Lighting Poles & Fixtures Earthing and Lightening Protections
Full Plumbing System (Drainage Piping, Valves, Sanitary Fixtures, Water Heaters)
Solar Panels and Storage Tanks Tanks (Water, Fire, Fuel)
Oil & Grease Interceptors
Firefighting Pumps, Fire Hose Cabinets, Sprinkler System
Foam – Water Fire Suppression System (Tanks, Pumps, Piping, Accessories)
DX – Type Package / Split / CRAC Units

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